Shelter Management Tools

Built to provide a Shelter, Sanctuary or Foster Based Rescue with the ability to track all aspects of a dog's daily life. From feeding to medicine to walks and training and socialization you will always know exactly what has happened with every dog in your care. Track progress with extensive reporting.

Buzz to the Rescues - Complete

Daily Mental & Physical Health

Never wonder if a dog has received his medication or has been fed or walked on a given day again. The Buzz Shelter Module allows your Fosters, Volunteers or Employees to note this info on their phone. Easy for them and crucial for you. Date, time and person stamped, you always know who did what and when. Allows for three check-ins per day.

  • Physical Health: Track if and when the dog has been fed, if he ate the food, if he had his medication, how he looks physically.
  • Mental Health: Is the dog happy or sad, Listless? Depressed? If he is having any issues, find out what your team did to alleviate the stress.
  • Walk: Did the dog go for a walk? if so, how far and by whom? How did he do? Which other dogs did he go with? Our animal shelter software lets you know.
  • Training: Help make the most of your time with a dog by tracking his training. Feel confident when you are placing him with his new family that he has had basic obedience training for a successful adoption.
  • Play Time: Did he play with other dogs today? If so, how did he do? Does he do better with male or female dogs? Small or large dogs? Our platform will let you know with the click of a button.
  • Groom: Make sure your dog looks and feels his best. Know exactly when each dog had his last bath.
  • Socialize: Did the dog go to town today? If so, how did he do in the car? Out in public? Information like this can help his new owners know what to expect when he moves into their home.

Intake Evaluation

There is nothing more important than knowing what you are dealing with. The Buzz 24 Point Intake Evaluation was built to show you how a dog responds under different circumstances. Used when a dog first comes into your rescue or shelter, this form gives you a baseline for the dog. This can become the basis for a comprehensive plan your team will be able to develop for the dog while he is in your care. The Intake Evaluation is the foundation for a more successful adoption outcome.

Ready for Adoption?

Note if the dog is ready for adoption. Add unlimited text to describe aplan for adoption or make any other notes for the team to see.

Dynamic Data

Data is pully dynamically - no need to retype.

Kennel Test

24 Point Test to determine everything from dog's interaction with people to other dogs.