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Customer Retention

"They've been very easy to work with. Anytime you have a problem they quickly work to solve it. The website is very easy to maintain and the support is amazing."
~ Jenifer Dickson | Director
Autumn Acres Animal Rescue

"Many of our processes have been recognized as a leader in managing an all-volunteer non-profit animal rescue. This software not only enhances our processes, but streamlines many of our time-involved tasks, allowing us to focus on the 'bigger picture' of saving our favorite breed. This software integrated almost every app we use, e.g., email, donations, metrics, volunteer management, google drive, e-Commerce, PayPal. This software also includes hosting and daily backups, so we were able to roll our previous costs to HostGator into the cost of this software."
~ Audra Bowen | President
Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue

"We are beyond thrilled with Laurie and her fantastic team. Great ideas, phenomenal service levels and extremely accommodating. Here's a review from one if our followers:What a joy to see a website that really works and is laid out the way people think. I went through everything TRYING to find something lacking (like most). To my joy it's ALL there, laid out beautifully."
~ Charmaine De Dobbeleer | Director
Barks And Meows Animal Rescue

"Laurie has been absolutely AMAZING in helping us get our new website off the ground! She has walked us through every step of the way, explaining the process, is extremely prompt in her communication, and is an absolute delight to work with! We are SO PROUD of our new website through Buzz to the Rescues!"
~ Kerri Kelly | Director
Dolly's Legacy Animal Rescue

"The Buzz team has been great to work with. This is the first time that our organization has worked with a software platform specifically designed for pet rescues. Our team has been overly satisfied with the product and look forward to continued integration as web design and creativity are ever growing. Buzz has excellent customer service and turn-around-times. Their support team is responsive to questions outside of business hours when necessary. That is a luxury we are delighted to have!"
~ Corissa Arndt | Director
Whiskers TNR of Warren County