Donation Management Software for Animals

Powerful features to help you raise more funds for your Shelter, Sanctuary or Rescue from one, effective platform. On the Buzz Platform you can accept pet-specific donations AND, you can use your own credit card processing company (PayPal, Stripe, Venmo and More).
We will never you force into a credit card processor that you don't want.


Showcase the variety of ways people can help your rescue. Completely customizable.


Your donation form links directly to your PayPal account. Your donors can use PayPal or credit cards, whichever they prefer.


Remind your potential donors how their donation will directly help the animals.


Donation Platforms Include:
Amazon Wishlist, Chewy Wishlist, iGive and GoFundMe

Donation Platforms

Foundation Platforms Include:
Petco Foundation, Petsmart Charities, Grounds & Hounds, Hale Pet Door, Kuranda Shelter Beds, Bissel, Max & Neo.


We understand how important donations are to your organization’s long term sustainability. Accepting donations is easy!

  • Showcase Donation Requests: Request special needs for donations through multiple avenues on your site.
  • Donor Management: In the Buzz donor management section you can view and search through a list of donors. Dig deeper and view donor’s profiles which includes info about their completed donations, their amounts, and the campaigns they donated to.
  • Simple Data Export: Export your donation data in PDFs or CSV formats and by different metrics. Integrate this data with your favorite CRM or accounting software.
  • Measure Campaign Performance: Gauge which forms are performing the best across your website and which campaigns resonate with your donors. You’ll see donation forms listed by income, the number of total donations, and estimated monthly donation average.

Buzz Funds Builder (BFB)
Yes, it's a BFD

By turning on the Buzz Funds Builder, you will encourage additional donations at the point of adoption. On average, this increases donations by $35*. If you have 1,000 adoptions per year, this increase would be $35,000 for your organization.

*This is not a guarantee, each organization will be different.

Donation Form

When you add a dog in the system, a donation form is automatically built for you helping you track donations for each dog.


See the donation amount for various lengths of time


See which forms have received donations at a glance. Drill down for detail on the donors.

Donation Methods

See which methods your donors are using.

Renewal Donations

See who is providing ongoing donations so you can thank them.


The Buzz Donation Module's online reports can be sorted by income, forms, and donors. Detailed reporting helps you make better financial projections..

  • Our reports section allows you to view—not just data—but a graphical representation of the performance of your donation forms. This section allows you to drill-down into your donation data and includes the ability to export report data to use elsewhere. Get a complete overview, export data, filter reports, and measure performance across multiple campaigns.
  • Donation Activity at a Glance: Get a complete overview of your donation activity immediately when you begin accepting donations right within your admin. Customize report dates, filter by donation forms, and further optimize your campaign.
  • Export Your Data: Easily export your donation data by different metrics. You can export PDFs or CSV files of your total income or donation and donor activity over time based on customizable date ranges.
  • Advanced Report Filters: Communicate campaign success to your nonprofit board with advanced reports. Filter reports based on donor, view donations per donation form, donor activity, or breakdown of payment methods

And Even More Options for Donations...

Extend the base platform inclusions to turbocharge your donations.

Manual Donations

Manually create donation payments within the Buzz Platform. Keep all donation data under one roof.

Recurring Donations

Allow people to give throughout the year. Better budgeting with a steady stream of money.

Tributes (Dedications)

Allow donors to give to your Rescue via customizable tributes like "In honor of".

PDF Receipts

PDF Receipts makes it easy for your donors to print their tax deductible receipts.