About The Buzz Group

Who We Are

For 15 years, The Buzz Group, Inc. has built software and websites that solve complex problems, engage users and inspire action.

In 2018 the entire Buzz team turned our full attention and resources to develop and deliver innovative solutions to pet rescues, sanctuaries and shelters. The end result is an intuitive, mobile-ready, fully integrated website and software platform built from the ground up specifically for animal rescues and shelters. Each organization has a self-branded website to recruit adopters and volunteers, process applications, raise funds, and store pet owner and pet medical records. It’s simple to use and can be fully-integrated with Petfinder & PayPal to help highlight available pets and manage donations and receipts.

Our goal is to offer solutions that aid rescues, sanctuaries and shelters to easily find loving, forever homes to orphaned pets. If we can help you, please get in touch.


is to foster more successful unions of pet parents & orphan pets.


is for orphaned pets to easily find permanent loving homes.

Guiding Values

• Honesty
• Transparency
• Urgency