About The Buzz Group

Who We Are

For 15 years, The Buzz Group, Inc. has built software and websites that solve complex problems, engage users and inspire action.

Back when we were building digital solutions for Fortune 100 companies, a 70 year-old woman asked if we could build her a website that integrates with the animal management software for her golden retriever rescue. We saw the clunky software she had to use and became frustrated. We believe that the best causes deserve the best solutions.

So we dropped our other work and dedicated ourselves to creating the most seamless animal rescue solution. We're driven by the reality that every minute a rescue wastes an animal might die.

Our platform is user-tested by our parents and grandparents to ensure anybody can use it. Every feature was designed based on direct feedback from real rescues.

And it's only going to keep on getting better.


is to make it easier for animals in need to find permanent, loving homes, while making life better for the people who save them.


is to end the suffering of homeless animals by unlocking the full potential of the organizations that care for them.

Our Values


Buzz is in it for the animals and the people who save them. We have no ulterior motives. We do not make empty promises. We have nothing to hide. We say it like it is. When we see an opportunity to make something better, we call it out. Our aim is to leave every person we interact with stronger.

Problem Solvers

Millions of lives are at stake, and we have no time to waste. Every delay increases the odds that an animal will die. So we are clear on our priorities. We solve the most important problems, and we solve them well. We learn quickly. We cut the crap in how we operate and how we communicate.

with a Cause

We are not intimidated by big problems. We are unimpressed with the status quo. We look at things in new ways and find unconventional solutions to persistent problems. We shake things up to get the best solutions, and we have fun doing it.